»Active Shooter Solutions Training

Active Shooter Solutions Training

Our signature 4-hour course developed by law enforcement teaches you how to utilize, “Situational Awareness”, to survive a violent encounter.  We present the two big enemies of awareness and the knowledge to overcome them.

Training Topics

Your survival depends on recognizing dangerous and predatory behavior, and we teach you how to recognize them.  We go in depth with active shooter events throughout U.S. history, using hard data. 

Our instructors go over the importance of planning, protocols and systems in response to active violence and how they should be implemented.  You learn to take accountability for plans on responding to violent attacks both individually and corporately.   

“Run, Hide, Fight.”  We will introduce you to the FBI/ Homeland Security protocol for civilian response to active shooter events. The intent of this class is to teach you to have the proper mindset for survival.

About the Instructor

Active duty police officer with 26 years of experience:

  • Certified instructor for “Civilian Response to Active Shooter Events”
  • Certified instructor for the NRA’s “Refuse to be a Victim program”

This program compiles 5 years of development with research into the behavioral mechanics of aggressors and targets, teaching the path to survival.

You may not have control when events turn violent, but you can be responsible for your safety and security of family, friends, and co-workers.  Our instructors have established this course for schools, large corporations, small business, churches, and civic groups both in Arizona and nationally.