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About Us

ATACSOL provide innovative private sector solutions to private, U.S. government and non-U.S. government clients.  We were initially envisioned as a cadre of operators providing unparalleled service to US government & private clients. Today, we are providing much more. Since our inception, we have expanded this corporate vision, empowering a talented collection of seasoned professionals from a wide range of disciplines and directing them to develop cost-efficient and operationally effective solutions for clientele. The company’s ability to deliver custom solutions is made possible through the integration of its four core competencies: Tactical Training, High-Risk Security, High-Risk Logistics, and Crisis Management. Headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona, ATACSOL is a network of seasoned professionals, capable of establishing training venues anywhere in the world. ATACSOL prides itself on accommodating the clients specific security and or training needs.


As a professional organization operating in the defense, training, logistics, and intelligence industry, ATACSOL prides itself on providing our customers with world-class performance. We are the quiet and dedicated professionals serving the private, government and commercial markets while bringing deep security expertise as well as knowledge of legal regulations and liability to the table. Our vast bandwidth and far-reaching capabilities make us a valuable single-source solutions provider for our clients.

Travel Security Services

ATACSOL security services offer effective and efficient support services to clients throughout the world. The company has the scope and competency to provide our customers with turnkey solutions to conduct their business in a secure environment. We take pride in our ingenuity, expertise, and proficiency to execute support operations anywhere in the world. Our cultural understanding and international business experience both accommodate the host country and reflect a positive presence on our client.


ATACSOL is your single-source global stability solutions provider. With our real world experience we provide our customers with current solutions to the problems and challenges that they face today. As an up-and-coming leader with more than sixteen years prior experience years' experience in these markets throughout the world, we provide our customers with current solutions to the problems and challenges that they face today.


ATACSOL has performed every security mission without a single client casualty or injury. Our experience reaches far beyond security, having trained over countless military, law enforcement, government, and civilian clients while having deployed assets in and out of some of the most austere environments on the planet. Never resting, our experience remains current, with curriculum and strategies continually revised to keep up to date with today’s best available knowledge.


With far-reaching capabilities, ATACSOL offers global stability solutions to government, military, law enforcement, and commercial clients. No two missions are identical; our approach integrates operations with a keen focus on the specific needs of our customers, allowing them to achieve their objectives.

Business Ethics and Compliance:

Legal and ethical business practices form the core of ATACSOL values and mission. Our goal is to be the market leader, while never compromising our commitment to our core values and our reputation. A substantial portion of ATACSOL’s business is, either directly or through another contractor, with the U.S. government.