High Speed Gear (HSG) Taco Single Universal Magazine Pouch

Stark’s review of High Speed Gear (HSG) Taco Single Universal Magazine Pouch

Manufactured to carry rifle magazines from M1A to M4 mags (Fits pretty much every rifle caliber).

Product detail - This product is a simple design - the taco is made of codura that is folded in half - thus the taco name (I assume).  HSG uses kydex and shock cord to complete the pouch.  The shock cord is woven in between the pals’ channels and the cord supplies the tension.  If you desire to have a bungee pull tab you can easily make one for this product; however, this is not necessary because the tacos do an excellent job retaining magazines.  I use my taco primarily for pmags for the AR platform, AK, and for my Scar 17.  It is great to go from one rifle to the next and not have to do anything to my kit!  When extracting magazines it does not make a peep (quiet).  When inserting mags there is a little technique to it but easy to get down - I angle one edge of the mag in then push against the wall and slide the mag down.  To maintain tension adjust shock cord accordingly to each mag.  I have run (and sprinted) miles with my kit and never lost a mag with the tension set correctly.  When going prone, dust and debris are not problem.  The tacos self clean from the openings of the sides.  This product is by far the easiest and fastest way to extract mags from any magazine pouch I have used.  That is why I personally use these magazine pouches.

Now the negative - installation/mounting malice clips take a little more patience & time compared to other methods. I think if they made the malice clips a half to one inch longer it would be easier to install.  Personal recommendations when installing these tacos.  1.  Bend the malice clips prior to installing and use pliers to make the bend.  2.  Use needle nose pliers and a flat head screw driver to assist in getting the clip thru the locking tab.  Yep, that is my only negative with these tacos!

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