We recently had the opportunity to demo TOMCAR'S TM-2 during McMillan Group International's Intermediate Precision Rifle Course which was presented and instructed by Armageddon Tactical Solutions.  I must say this was one of the best experiences I have had dealing with a vendor.  The customer service was topnotch and the TM-2 was remarkable.  We gave this beast everything we had and it ran flawlessly over unforgiving terrain for 10 days with ZERO complications.

When TOMCAR tells its "designed to be safe, rugged, and extremely dependable,"  they are not kidding.  I will also second their "no prior experience needed."  ATACSOL had first time ATV/UTV drivers drifting around corners with PVS-15's night vision goggles in the pitch black like they were playing a video game.  The TM-2 provided the students and instructors with the confidence, maneuverability, and control to safely negotiate every obstacle the terrain gave us.

After you spend a couple of minutes driving the TM-2, you can easily understand why TOMCARS have been in active deployment in Israel over the last 30 years and why US Customs / Border Patrol and other government agencies use them.  

Thanks again Haim, at TOMCAR, for taking care of us with the demo, trailer, and waiving the cleaning fee.  I know we brought her back extremely dirty!!

(623) 587 7799

1727 E. Deer Valley Road
Phoenix, AZ 85024

Model: TM-2 (Two-Seater)


  • Length: 2820 mm / 111.5"

  • Width: 1780 mm / 70"

  • Height: 1686 mm / 67"

  • Wheelbase: 2052 mm / 81"

  • Ground clearance: 381 mm / 15"

  • Dry weight: 715 kg / 1573 lbs


  • Lombardini Inline 4-stroke Diesel engine.

  • YH465Q-2E 4-Stroke-water-cooled petrol engine.

  • Kohler LH775S Liquid Cooled petrol engine.


  • Automatic V-belt CVT

  • Heavy-duty, high/low gear box

  • Rear wheel drive

  • Final drive: 2 x dual oil bathed chains

  • Forward - neutral - reverse

  • Differential lock


  • Front: AT 25 x 8 - 12

  • Rear: AT 26 x 12 - 12


  • Front: Double wishbone, heavy-duty 343 mm / 13.5" travel

  • Rear: Trail arm heavy-duty 343mm / 13.5" travel with dual coil over springs, gas/hydraulic shocks


  • Rack-and-pinion, 1.6 turn lock-to-lock


  • Disc Brakes

  • Mechanical hand brake


  • 26 litre / 6.75 gallon safety tank (1 or 2 tanks)


  • 12V 56AH battery

  • 40A alternator and regulator

  • Power socket

  • Halogen headlights, tail lights and brake lights

  • Horn


  • Speedometer

  • Wheels hour meter

  • Voltmeter

  • Fuel gauge

  • Low oil pressure

  • Turn signal

  • High beam light

  • Water temp gauge


  • Adjustable bucket type with head rest,

  • 4-point harness

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