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Leupold MK6 3-18 By DQ

Leupold has released a true game changer. If you have ever shot a rifle or a pistol, you have probably heard of Leupold Optics. Leupold has been a leader in the firearms optic community since 1907. Many people know that they have provided optics to the US Military for years, but, in the past, they have been known for a good product but not THE PRODUCT. Enter the new MK6!  This is the game changer!

From first glance the scope is small, compact and weighs less than most other scopes. This may not seem important but for an operator who has sixty pounds of gear, ammo and body armor, plus another 5+ pounds of lights, lasers and night vision attached to their weapon system, the savings in weight is highly sought after. The MK6 comes in weighing a mere 23.6 ounces. The next thing I noticed was the locking turret system and covered wind knob. This again came directly from operators for use in the real world.  Anyone that has spent anytime as a sniper will know that dialing wind is something for the most part outdated by 10+ years with the rare exception.   The wind knob cover insures that the wind knob does not get bumped or rotated inadvertently in the field. 

As I looked through the scope for the first time I was mesmerized by how clear the glass was.  I actually came off the glass to make sure it was indeed a Leupold I was looking through. Now don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that Leupold has had bad glass in the past, but it has not been the Schmitt & Bender quality we all dream of owning some day.  Low and behold Leupold has upgraded its glass dramatically in the MK6 design.  This is now a true ultra high end scope that is sure to please even the toughest skeptics.

Next is the Front Focal Plane design allowing for ranging and correct wind holds at any magnification. This also aids the shooter's speed in transitioning from target to target and re-engaging targets eliminating having to zoom in and out over and over while struggling to find targets at high magnification. The reticle options are state of the art, making Leupold one of the first companies to bring to the market what the end user real sniper is looking for in a scope.

I personally starting shooting the Horus reticle in 2009 while in the military and was amazed at how fast it took off in the sniper community. During the 2011 International Top Sniper Competition (held annually at Ft. Benning every year with the top sniper teams throughout the world), the Horus reticle was used with every team and every team also had at least one if not both of the team scopes in Leupold. If this doesn’t speak volumes for the Leupold name and reputation, I don’t know what does. I have used the Nightforce and the Schmitt & Bender, which I would say are the only two real competitors to the Leupold, in the tactical rifle market and I must say hands down I pick the Leupold.

To finish off Leupold has the best customer service I have seen in the scope industry. If a scope breaks for almost any reason, Leupold will fix or replace it at no charge and the turn around time is extremely fast. This is very important for the military or LE operator since you can’t have a gun down for long periods of time. Take my word for it, if you have not looked through the Leupold MK6 you need to!  Your eyes will thank you!