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Security Consulting

The security concerns of a facility, a work site, a home, or a person is an ever changing environment with parameters that need constant testing and improvement. The need to constantly change your security plan is not based on you, rather, on the ever evolving world where threats increase on a daily basis. The professionals at ATACSOL understand that constant change and will develop a specific security plan that meets your specific goals.

According to a report published by Forbes Magazine, there are on average 546 workplace shootings per year. We provide corporate training on active shooter scenarios addressing these threats and help develop contingency planning and on site training on how to deal with and mitigate the risk of workplace shootings.

Our security threat specialists do more than just assess your concerns and identify the solutions to your security needs. We provide a comprehensive plan that immediately sets into motion ex patriots who are onsite physical security officers specifically trained to identify and resolve weakness at a current site or in a current security threat plan.  By analyzing the weakness at a site, we are able to establish working policies that will guide you and your plan even after we are gone. ATACSOL security specialists are vetted experts in their fields with decades of experience in law enforcement and special operations units. We strive to be the best by providing superior customer service, integrating your needs with our policies, and building a relationship built on trust, honor and integrity.

Our specialists have been specially selected, vetted and trained in order to provide you with the best plan of action available in today’s modern world. We believe a security plan for a person, a home, or a business is of the utmost importance, and we have tailored security plans available to provide to you, your business or family.

The ultimate goal of ATACSOL is to provide a service that establishes a life long relationship of trust using our specific skills to master your very own security threats. Whether it is a plan for you and your family packing a bug out bag and identifying a plan of escape and evasion or protecting a hard site you have established. We have specialists whose sole purpose is to be an expert in that security threat field to provide a plan for you to meet your goals.

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