»Crypto-Tracing and Recovery

Crypto-Tracing and Recovery

The combination of irreversible, borderless, anonymous payments, defi-exchanges, and the often unregulated nature of crypto-currency and the prevalence of scams online have caused billions of dollars of loss for users of crypto by criminal means. The ability to swiftly move digital currencies or assets between wallets can create a complex maze of transactions, making it difficult to identify where the money went, and also who took the money to be able to pursue recovery of the assets.

Crypto-Asset Recovery

Recovering stolen assets requires several actions, tracing where the funds went, who took the stolen assets, and if that theft involved violations of anti-money laundering (AML) or know-your-customer (KYC) failures that be used to redress the situation.

  • Determine means of theft
  • Determine mechanisms used for the theft; I.E exchanges, wallets?
  • Trace the movement of funds
  • Determine options for recovery and/or legal recourse
  • Pursue claim against the stolen assets

Civil & Criminal Case Guidance

The process of recovering assets often requires legal action, criminal action often doesn’t recover funds unless a jurisdiction allows compensation claims, and civil actions are often required to freeze the traced assets, and then begin the process of claim to having them restored. We can guide victims of crypto theft on their legal options and the best mechanisms available to recover their stolen digital assets.

Transnational Recovery Experience

We have experience in the enforcement of court judgements internationally to recover stolen assets and have those assets turned over to the plaintiff. This is done through the use of mutual legal assistance treaties and conventions for the enforcement of foreign judgments in other countries.